Portable White Noise Machine Rechargeable

【42 Soothing Sounds For Your Needs】 Mesqool white noise machine gives you direct access to 6 fan sounds, 15 baby lullabies, and 16 real-world sounds like that of rain, ocean waves, bird, cricket, thunderstorms and more, including white and pink noise. With an abundance of rich-sounding options, this noise machine is a great option to help shield you from any bothersome noise.

【Excellent Sound Quality+ Adjustable Volume】This baby noise maker is extremely stylish and functional and designed with dual speaker stereo that can offer you sharp sound quality with clarity across its full range. There are 8 volume levels that lets you set the sleep sound machine to play loudly enough to cover up background noise but not so loudly that it keeps you awake.

【White Noise Machine for Baby, Adults】 This soothing sound machine would work for a baby’s room as well as an adult’s. It features in 15 lullaby music for you to choose from that can helping your baby fall asleep. Built-in rechargeable battery, and can also plug directly into an outlet, meaning there’s no cord for babies to grab and yank.

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42 Natural White Noise Sound Machine — Smart Home Must Have

  • Life is a journey that never stops, but we still need to stop for recharging ourselves to be energetic, what you need is good sleep for a brand new day. The white noise sound machine for baby adults aiming at sleep aids consists of 42 natural soothing sounds to your personal preference. Timer and memory function makes our product smart home equipment.
  • It’s a rechargeable white noise machine, so say goodbye to batteries and save your money.
  • The noise machine for sleeping adult provides 42 non-Looping soothing natural sounds options, choose a favorite sound to get the most relaxing experience possible or to accompany you to sweet sleeps.
  • A sleeping baby means more sleep for the whole family. The noise machine for baby provides 15 soothing lullabies to create the ideal sleep environment for babies and toddlers help them fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.
  • Open this white noise machine for office privacy & noise canceling, put yourself into ocean sounds ,creek,waves,wind,brook,rain,birds, white noise sound, fan sound and so on.

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