Mesqool Smart Weigh Digital Multi-funcation Tray-design Kitchen and Food Scale with Bowl(Natural Green)

Mesqool Smart Weigh Digital Multi-funcation Tray-design Kitchen and Food Scale with Bowl(Natural Green)

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  • High precision weighing function,manufactured with 4 high accurate sensors and could deliver highly precise weight of items you are dealing with.
  • Equipped with readable clear display ,more easy and convenient to view accurate readouts of your ingredients.
  • Exclusive one-piece design,tray-shaped kitchen scale with exceptionally light weight focus on usability and ease of operation.
  • Multiple weight units,recording precise readings of milliliters,pounds:ounces,and grams at the press of a button.
  • Tare function,reset the display back to zero to weigh multiple ingredients and conveniently mix everything in one bowl.

this Mesqool Digital One-Piece Design Kitchen Scale:
this scale integrated into bowl has exclusive one-piece design with a clear readable display and high precision strain gauge sensors,providing for you accurate and consisient readouts of your ingredients and food ,more convenient for you to diet.
One-button Tare Function:
This scale has a great tare function easy operating with,start with placing the empty container in the bowl,the display effentively give fast response of readout of empty weight,press the power button,weight reading will go down to "0".
Multiple Units Button Function:
Unit button allows to change the measurement unit from grams to ounces to pounds to milliliters.
Due to the sensitivity of sensors,waiting a second after pressing any buttons will deliver more precise reading.

It's a bowl!
This is a review for Mesqool Smart Weigh Digital Multi-function Tray-design Kitchen and Food Scale with Bowl(Natural Green). This food scale arrived in a box suitable for gift giving and included the scale, the batteries and a user’s manual. It requires two AAA batteries to run [included.] The scale allows you to set a tare weight so it is easy to add ingredient after ingredient. You can measure grams, ounces, pounds or milliliters. What makes this scale unique is the bowl vs a flat space to weigh on. That is a huge plus! I have always used flat scales before and really appreciate this feature. The Mesqool Scale doesn’t take up much room in your cupboard as it is only about 7” by 7” and weighs a little over 8 ounces. The scale has rubbery feet on it’s bottom to keep it from slipping also. Overall I am pretty impressed with this scale. It is easy to use right out of the box and so nice to have the bowl. This now sits on my counter and my other scale is relegated to the back of the cupboard.
5 Star by: Florida Kayaker

This is a nice kitchen scale
This is a nice kitchen scale. It comes in an awesome green color that looks good in any kitchen. The scale is made well out of hard plastic with no seams so I do not have to worry about it coming a part or leaking. It is also very durable, I knocked my off the counter and it came away still looking new and working great. The scale takes 2 AAA batteries (included) to operate. The scale is very easy to use with only 2 buttons. One button for On/Off and to Zero out the scale and other button lets you select one of 4 units of measurement: milliliters, pounds & ounces, ounces and grams. The scale also has an auto shut off so it helps make the batteries last much longer. It has a large LCD display that is easy for me to read even without my old man glasses on. A nice feature is you can set a bowl on the scale and then turn it on and the scale will Zero out the weight of the bowl. This is very useful for me when baking. I purchased this product for a reduced price to make an honest and unbiased review. Over all a really nice scale that is very useful for any cook. my Measurements: Unit: 7" x 7" X 2 1/4" Tray: 7" x 7" X 1 3/16" Weighs: 8.28 oz (including the batteries)
5 Star by: Hello World

helpful kitchen gadget!
This is such a helpful kitchen gadget! I purchased this scale because I've been having issues with the accuracy of my recipes. I thought it would be helpful to have a scale, but I didn't think of something like this! The edges of this scale make it more of a bowl/multi-purpose item to me. I stored some vegetables in it while I cooked this evening and knew the exact weight the whole time! After the vegetables, I simply put them into my pie, wiped it clean, and used the scale for m&m's after. Cleaning was extremely easy and quick, none of the scents stayed on the scale itself. This scale does require two AAA batteries, which I had to go out and buy. Before I had them I was still using this! I found it helpful that you can change the measurements from grams to pounds to ounces or whatever else you may need. This easily stores in my pantry and can even hold things, while remaining easy to find because of its color. It is stable because of the little feet on the bottom and it seems to be quite durable. I am very pleased with the purchase overall! I did get this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.
5 Star by: Eileen

Great scale, accurate and inuitive, I just wish they offered optional removable trays for measuring raw meat
I love this scale. The great features greatly outweigh the one issue I have with this scale. The buttons are easily accessible which you would think is standard in all scales but it definitely is not. Another scale I tried recently had the button to change units on the bottom which is asinine for people who would like to change the units without taking the contents to be weighed off. The backlit display is easy to read and there are only two buttons to push, and the user interface is straightforward and natural. I used this the other day to weight many things and compared it to another scale I have and it is accurate. The only issue I have is that I wish that they would offer a removeable tray. The other day I really wanted to use it when I was cutting up chicken, but since this scale is only one piece, I used another scale to measure the uncooked meat. When I am dealing with uncooked meat, I like to make sure I clean the surface super thoroughly, but felt I might be too careful seeing as though I would have to be careful not to get the bottom wet. This is my favorite scale, I just don't want to be forced to cover it with saran wrap or something like that, but it would be much nicer to have an optional same molded shaped tray for when I am measuring out raw meats. Measuring uncooked meats for portions or recipes is one of the most common uses I have for this scale. With that aside, I prefer and grab this scale before my other one. I want to disclose that I received this at a discount for my evaluation, opinion and review. The discount had no influence to my thoughts, impression or review. * If you feel that my review was not helpful, I would appreciate you posting a comment below letting me know why if you mark this as unhelpful. I truly appreciate constructive criticism, and want to continually improve the feedback I provide! *
5 Star by: Sarah Honald

Technical Details

Color:Natural green
Measure Unit:oz/ml/lb'oz/g
Item Size:7.1 * 7.1 * 2.24in (L * W * H)
Item Weight:223g / 7.88oz
Powered By:2*AAA Batteries

Instruction Manuals & Drivers

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Is the battery included? I bought one and it does not have battery?
A: No battery